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Who is LLW?

Hi! Thanks for coming over, we are glad to have you! My name's Curtis, owner of Little Lion Workshop. I am the main builder for larger or unusual pieces like foam armour, casting and 3D printed pieces. I like to say Victoria is the designer and I'm the one who tells her if physics allows it. My background in electronics means I do all the 3D printing, LED components and computer-related things like our social media and our website.


I have a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering Technology, but I find the most joy in problem solving and creating things with my hands.

-Curtis Smith

Hello, welcome here! My name is Victoria, and I stitch and paint most of the costume pieces commissioned. From costumes, props, set painting, makeup,  prosthetics, hydrophobic fabric, and everything else we're learning, my favourite thing is discovering new materials, and learning new skills, while using my hands, everyday.

I am a professionally trained Theatre Designer with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Theatre Design from the University of Alberta. 

-Victoria Smith

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