Who is LLW?

Hi! Thanks for coming over, we are glad to have you! My name's Curtis, owner of Little Lion Workshop. I am the main builder for larger or unusual pieces like foam armour, casting and 3D printed pieces. I like to say Victoria is the designer and I'm the one who tells her if physics allows it. My background in electronics means I do all the 3D printing, LED components and computer-related things like our social media and our website.


I have a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering Technology, but I find the most joy in problem solving and creating things with my hands.

-Curtis Smith

Hello, welcome here! My name is Victoria, and I stitch and paint most of the costume and prop pieces. My favourite part of my work is the constant growth: learning new techniques, and discovering new materials and how to incorporate them. I love making things with my hands, everyday.

I am a professionally trained Theatre Designer with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Theatre Design from the University of Alberta. I've since stepped away from the theatre, and am focusing my energy on what I love most - using my hands to create new things.

-Victoria Smith

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