This commission was designed and drawn by illustrator Zach Fischer, along with a host of other original characters, which were debuted at BlizzCon in LA in 2018! The cosplayer, Sohail, had created all the pattern pieces and had almost all of the materials for us to work with, he had just ran out of time to assemble the parts on his own. We were tasked with taking all of his patterns and craft foam pieces and covering them in thibra, adding attachments, and painting the armour. It was our first experience with thibra, and we had great success vacuforming it over the craft foam to get clean, uniform lines. We discovered once shaped into cylindrical forms for arm bracers and leg bracers, the thibra was so fine it tore in quite a few places and had to be ‘spot putty-d’ with more thibra. This was quite a learning curve for us and we think we’d do it differently in the future. Victoria assembled over 900 craft foam scales (from Lumin’s Workshop) into scale armour for the dragon tailcoat and arm and leg bracers. Besides the craft foam, Sohail sculpted the shoulder pauldrons from Sculptey, which was then baked and vacuformed with styrene plastic. Curtis inserted LEDs behind frosted PETG for the glow. Curtis also got modified vape pens (from Wayne’s Workshop) which ran from the front chest piece, into each pauldron to create the smoke effect in the shoulders. Sohail himself worked on the leather belts, headdress, beading, and facial hair. Photography by by Minerlblu

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