This is Thaliak’s healing robe from Final Fantasy XXIV which was worn to the Paris Final Fantasy Fan Festival! A lot of time was spent in the online model viewer to look at all the pieces (which are asymmetrical throughout). Curtis took the flat Illustrator files Victoria made, and created 3D models from them, which were then 3D printed, gessoed, sanded, painted. The shoulder and hip armour are made from worbla covered craft foam. We used a lot of black worbla this time around to get smooth, sharp edges throughout the armour. This still involved a ton of bondo, gesso and time spent sanding, but overall we were happy with the look! To create the fullness of the ‘skirt’, we decided to put steel boning in a triangle shape in each of the layers of the skirt, which was then attached to a wide waistband to hold it snug to the body, and keep the shape right. We felt this would allow for the right fullness without crunchy stiffness that would’ve occurred had we used fosshape or varaform, which would’ve been much more difficult to ship the commission to the UK. 

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