photo by Crisy Meschieri. This commission included the robe, belts, vest, and bracers. This was tricky as there weren’t too many reference photos of Teferi out there when we started the commission, so there was some guesswork as to the detailing on the bracers and the vest, and the back view. The cosplayer wanted the cosplay to be lightweight and breathable, so we used a natural rayon fabric for the white robe, that was hand ombre-dyed. The bracers are fosshape covered in faux leather layers to keep a stiff structure and still be lightweight. The decorative detailing like the triangles and belt pieces were 3D printed, gesso painted, sanded and airbrushed. The cosplayer’s friend, Sam Dyment, hand carved his weapon for the cosplay. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos with us, and thank you to your photographer: Crisy Meschieri 

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