This cosplay was worn by Dolphin Girl Cosplay for Anime Weekend Atlanta! We discovered Pellon’s Stretch Fuse and Stretch WonderUnder which saved the day for this commission. WonderUnder is essentially heat and bond for stretch fabrics, which meant we could heat set all of the filigree work on the bra, panties, and leg pieces, rather than stitch each piece of filigree onto the garment. The stretch fuse is an interfacing that retains the stretch of the spandex, so this was used in the collar and other areas that needed the stretch maintained, but also some structure. Based on the in-game reference, the fabric looks metallic and skin tight, so we felt a metallic foil spandex was the best blend of these two worlds. That said, we did have to add the honeycomb pattern on all the fabric. We used our Cricut vinyl to create a honeycomb pattern, then transferred it onto the fabric (to mask the fabric) then airbrushed all the honeycomb lines with Golden Fluid Acrylics and GAC900. We discovered the Cricut vinyl tended to peel the metallic foil off the spandex -so we used a heat lamp to heat the vinyl to get it off. It worked really well, but it was quite time consuming! The gems along the neckline and on the panties were 3D printed, gessoed and sanded, and then cast to make transparent green copies. For the wig, Curtis 3D printed a mount to attach two rows of Fibre optics, and programmed a lighting pattern that glowed from yellow to red. The wig was stitched from yellow and orange hair wefts onto a darker red wig. The glove LEDs were covered in a narrow piece of spandex with quilting batting stitched around the sides to diffuse the light for the green glow of the LEDs.

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