Samus Aran (Phazon Armor)

We started by scaling the armor over the cosplayer's measurements in Blender, a 3D program, and then printing Pepakura files to test out a paper version on the mannequin. After tweaking certain parts to get the right shape and proportions on the mannequin (i.e. the torso was so wide at the top, the cosplayer's arms wouldn't have been able to bend down), the paper was then used as a pattern and cut out of EVA foam, glued together, covered in metallic fabric and spray painted. The top of the torso and some arm pieces are worbla covered craft foam, but having some of the armor pieces simply in EVA foam allowed much more flexibility and a significantly lighter suit of armor. The LEDs, diffused behind frosted cutting mats, are connected at the torso and the wires vein out to the helmet, gun, legs and glove.

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