Ravin Ravana

We were commissioned to do Ravin Ravana! This included EVA foam for the armor and helmet base as well as covering it in Spandex. Victoria stitched baggy drop crotch pants and a hooded shirt for the client and then we installed 4,446 LEDs into the costume. It took a lot longer to program the LEDs than it did on the other SMITE costume as the custom GIFs had to be done in very specific orientations in order to have them display properly. (Though all were connected on the breastplate, some were facing sideways and others up and down, so the lighting bolts in the gif had to be skewed to line up correctly on the costume). Curtis used Krita, GIMP and Glediator to create these and then stored them on an SD card that was read by an Arduino (Adafruit’s M0 Adalogger). Thanks for the challenging, and super rewarding project Thomas! We used a lot of 3D printing for many pieces throughout the costume. From the jaw on the visor to the shoulders, as well as the back of the leg armor and knuckles on the gloves. Curtis designed the 3D pieces in Fusion 360 and then printed them on his Robo 3D R1+ in ABS. These were then covered in Mirrorcoat(Thank you Industrial Paint & Plastic for the reccomendation) to give them a thick, glossy finish.

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