I, Victoria, stitched all of the fabric pieces for the costume, using Spoonflower for the chainmail lycra print. Curtis made all the armour from 1/4” EVA foam, covered in Flexbond and paint to keep it flexible and lightweight. Curtis made the breastplate from black worbla covered EVA foam. Although worbla gives a cleaner, sharper finish, I was glad most of the armour was just foam, as I had to get on my knees to get through the convention hall doors because of the height of the wings, and my knees were nicely cushioned whenever I did that! The wings were made from PVC pipe that Curtis took a heat gun to, and attached smaller PVC pipes on bolts for the smaller bones; the wing unit was attached to an ABS plastic back plate that strapped onto me like a backpack. Originally, we had designed a system for the wings where aircraft cable allowed the wings to collapse and expand by me pulling the cable through a pulley system. Unfortunately, we couldn’t figure out the appropriate weight distribution, and they were too hard for me to pull, so wings were tied back except when taking photos. The “bones” were created using 3 cans of spray foam gap filler, which was then carved down with a xacto knife, and finally palm sanded for a smooth shape. Then I airbrushed various shades of brown, greys and black to give them more dimension. The wings weighed in at 8 lbs, with a wing span of 7’-6”. Curtis made my scythe with a PVC pipe handle, EVA foam and L200 foam (which allowed the white part of the blade to light up when turned on!) and Model Magic was used for the bottom ‘bone’ piece. Curtis 3D printed the skulls and diamond shapes for the scythe. The scythe felt incredibly strong with a nice weight to it. The raven skull pauldron, was made from Model Magic, and we Flexbond painted shortly after to seal in and prevent cracks in the clay. It was then airbrushed, again with various colors. This was then zip-tie mounted to the EVA foam armour.

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