Maria (Clone Form)

photos by Sean Price:  S1Price Lightworks Puff Cosplay wore this Witchblade costume in her cloneblade form Otakon! We drafted a pattern based on the cosplayer’s measurements and scanned it into photoshop to make a Spoonflower fabric to be printed on fabric. The dark purple sections are EVA foam covered in sport lycra hand stitched in place. The wig was a trial and error learning process. We started by creating a varaform structure, with LEDs inserted into it, and frosted PETG to create a diffused glow, it was then covered in many, many wefts of hair that matched the wig. This was incredibly time consuming to get the hair to lay right over the pigtails a mixture of hot glue, weld bond, and lots of Got2b hairspray. In the end, we weren’t happy with how it looked, it wasn’t clean or sharp enough, and the LED light shone through the hair wefts, looking fuzzy. So, we ended up restarting the pigtails in EVA foam, again covered in fabric to match the dark purple sections of her costume. This was a much lighter weight, sharper-looking solution. The headband was bolted through the wig, up into the pigtails, this made it a much lighter structure than the original varaform base. This was definitely a unique new challenge for us, but so rewarding to see in the end. Photographed by Sean Price: S1Price Lightworks.

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