Curtis 3D printed the hand piece with LEDs inside of it that glow and change color depending on the buttons pressed by the cosplayer. The necklace was also 3D printed, gessoed, sanded and painted. Creating all of the detail in the jacket was a challenge on this one: the jacket was made from a stretch suede, and the top decorative detail was made from a synthetic velvet which we then created craft foam templates on our Cricut to emboss the velvet into the pattern with an iron. It essentially flattened the velvet only in certain areas to create a nice subtle pattern on it. His pants were made of a stretch denim twill, and the belt buckle was 3D printed. The belt itself was a stretch vinyl cut on our Cricut machine and stitched to an interfaced vinyl. We once again used our Cricut and heat transfer vinyl to get the gold scrollwork details on the side satchel. The corner pieces of the bag were made of worbla with rivets to attach them for a clean look.

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