We started with a rayon-blend base dress with an invisible back zipper, which had it’s hem cut to create leaf shapes. The front leaf detail was hand-stitched with thick 1/4” cotton cording, embellished with glass beads. The gauzy overlay dress was made by draping and gathering the fabric over the mannequin. Multiple airbrush painted ‘leaves’ were made with rolled-hem serging the edges of each leaf individually and layering them ontop of the dress and tacking each one in place. This layer was then airbrushed with Golden Fluid acrylics in various shades of oranges, browns, greens, and yellows. The belt, which has various layers and shades of organza, was heat-sealed using the flame from a tealight, and then interwined throughout the belt. The wooden bead on the belt was made on a lathe, and painted with a wood stain. The ears were made using a metal mesh base and SmoothOn’s Free Form Air Epoxy sculpted over the metal mesh. This was our first expeirence with this product, and we discovered it is much less prone to cracks and breaking than Model Magic which we’ve used in the past. It’s incredibly strong, and incredibly lightweight, and sandable. Although a learning curve to handle the material, we were happy with how these ears turned out! They were sanded, gessoed, sanded again, and airbrush painted before stitching to a headband. The wings were made using 1/2” PVC pipe which Curtis heat-shaped with the heat gun over our pattern. To create the pointed tips of the wings, we used model magic covered in fabric. We had two failed attempts at covering the wings in a way that looked clean and neat, and ended up cutting bias strips of stretch suede, that we hot glued onto the PVC pipe. The white gauzy wing was then attached, and the whole unit was airbrushed. The wings were attached to a heavy-duty (ABS) plastic back plate with elastic waistband, which was worn under the overlayer dress. We cut slits into the green cotton-blend cloak layer so that the wings would smoothly fit through, and the cloak was snapped onto the base dress to keep it resting on the shoulders. We were so happy to watch how the wings and overlay dress billowed in the wind as Marin walked around at Calgary Expo!

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