Jim Lake

This was Curtis’ Trollhunter cosplay that was re-worked from DragonCon to include troll additions in time for Calgary Expo! Together we used UltraCal to make a face cast of Curtis, and Curtis sculpted a clay nose on top of the face cast, which was again cast to create a 2-part mold to cast a DragonSkin silicone nose prosthetic from. The silicone nose and purchased silicone ears were applied with Prosaide, and then we spent about 45 mins airbrushing blue and white makeup (Cheek FX Hybrid airbrush makeup) on his face, neck, and ears. We sealed the makeup with Ben Nye’s Final Seal, then put on the wig and horns! Curtis made the horns from 1/4” EVA foam and applied Flexbond glue to them, and then used crumpled tinfoil, while still wet, to give the horns more texture. The horns had about 3 coats of flexbond-paint mixture on them. The horns were then stitched into the wig. Curtis made the teeth using Friendly Plastic, from a tutorial online, and applied them with fixodent! The teeth lasted longer than the nose, which fell off a few times throughout the day and had to have the Prosaide reapplied! Unfortunately we didn’t do a photoshoot for Curtis as it was snowing, but we're grateful Calgary Expo press snapped a photo! This was such a fun learning curve for us to dip into prosthetics, which we’ve only done once before (for Mileena from Mortal Kombat).

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