Jim Lake

Curtis made Jim Lake Jr’s Season 2 Trollhunter costume. He constructed the armor out of white LED foam and then painted it black with Rosco’s FlexBond. This meant it could be packed in our luggage with some flex in it - we hoped this would prevent any cracks in the armor. We discovered that some of the flexbond from different pieces fused together in our luggage - so we had to do repairs on it with drugstore black nail polish when we got to DragonCon. The red grooves were created using the heat knife tip on a soldering pen, and then airbrushed red with glass paint, so light could still pass through the paint. We went down many avenues on how to affectively light the costume. We discussed individually soldering 3000 LED neopixels, using LED strips, EL wire, and EL panels. Unfortunately time was not on our side and the cost of any of the LEDs was too high ($500) and we decided to just light the amulet. The glaives (weapons) were carved from pink foam and covered in Flexbond, making them super lightweight to carry around, but also slightly fragile. The unitard was custom printed using Spoonflower, and then the armor was zipped, velcroed and snapped into place ontop of the unitard. This was a great opportunity for us to experiment with different techniques and materials we haven't tried before, under a 3 week completion time, testing things out on ourselves rather than clients.

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