Genderbent Bass Canon Neith

Curtis spent a lot of time planning out the LEDs for this one to ensure enough power went to them, that they were laid out comfortably on the costume, and battery life: that the cosplayer had batteries he could easily purchase at a local department store. Like most of our commissions, Curtis made a paper pattern, cut it from EVA foam, glued the seams together and Victoria covered it in fabric to achieve a uniform, clean look. The LEDs in the costume, all connect at the back of the costume. The patterns for the LEDs were the biggest part of the challenge on this costume, as they had to be created as pixelated gifs to transfer into the programming of the LEDs. The Bow is also EVA foam, covered in spandex, with LEDs behind the white foam to diffuse the light. The spikes on the bow are 3D printed translucent blue filament, so that tiny LEDs can shine through them. The strings of the bow are the same EL wire as on the costume belt and collar. The helmet is EVA foam, that Curtis covered in a Mirror Coat for a hard, durable shell. We weren’t happy with how it was painting, as we couldn’t achieve a vivid enough color, or the right iridscent quality that the unitard had, so we decided to likewise cover the helmet in spandex fabric too. The visor was PETG dyed with iDye Poly dye. This was a really challenging project for us, and we are so grateful for all the help and support the FastLED community gave us to help with all the programming hangups we had. So happy with how this turned out!

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