We threw together a Halloween costume for Curtis over the course of two days! Total hours: about 30 between the two of us. We found some red vinyl remnants at Walmart for $11; leftover black spandex at home, and used our various d-rings, webbing and EVA foam scraps to give it depth. We airbrushed acrylic paints to give it a distressed look. We made tons of mistakes: realizing design lines were wrong, and the order of assembly does make a big difference in construction. However, it was fun to push ourselves to complete it in a short amount of time and limited resources. Its also a great reminder why commissions cost so much for our clients - even in a rush, 30 hours is a lot of money in labour. Lastly, I got to do a 20-minute makeup with Curtis’ before his 5:30am start at Starbucks.

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