Cole's Daggers

This was a new challenge for us to make two matching con-safe daggers. We started with a wooden block shaped on a lathe for the blades. This was then sanded to use as our positive for our smooth on silicone mold. The mold was then used to create the final smooth on swords (SmoothCast65D). After flashing was removed and more sanded, they were primed and painted with metallic rustoleum. After that, they were distressed (dry brushed) with metallic acrylics. For the scabbards, they were heat shaped from worbla backed in foam, primed and spray painted black. Then latex milk was applied to create a rough beaten metal look. We then dry brushed metallic acrylic onto them and distressed with more acrylic paints to give rust and mud texture overall. These were then quite literally bolted to the faux leather adjustable harness to ensure the scabbards were sturdy to the harness, and the swords wouldn't fall out during wear.

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