Charlotte Cracker

This commission was worn to MCM London Comic Con! The crackers on the belt were made from a heavy density upholstery foam, this allowed us to easily cut the cracker shapes using a (new!) electric turkey knife. Then the pieces were dremeled to create more depth. We used 3 different airbrush colors to create depth in the crackers. The cracker indents were created by stitching buttons on either side of the foam (like you would to upholster a chair). The harness crackers were requested by the cosplayer as a way of masking the strap to keep the cape on his shoulder. Those crackers started as a 3D print which was cleaned up, cast into silicone, and then we used Smooth On Flex Foam It to make many small foam crackers. These cracker indents were made using seed beads on either side of the crackers. The knee ‘globes’ and shoulder pauldron are made of EVA foam covered in Rosco’s flexbond and golden fluid acrylics, to maintain flexibility as they’re worn.

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