BeachRat Junkrat Skin

We were very excited about doing this commission, as we had seen a cosplayer make Junkrat’s smoking wig and really wanted to try our hand at it. We purchased a vape locally in Calgary and we modified it to fit within the front blue pouch of the harness so the cosplayer could trigger the vape to start the wig smoking. Curtis designed and 3D printed units to house the LEDs to allow the wig to look like it was on fire and allow the smoke to pass through the LED unit. The gun and mechanical hand were created by Curtis in Fusion, and then 3D printed from PLA, sanded and painted. The peg leg is made from a lightweight, strong wood, turned on a lathe by Victoria’s dad. This gave us a good solid base for the cosplayer to lean on the peg leg during photos. It was then painted, and 3D printed teeth were adhered. The shark itself was EVA foam, painted with FlexBond. For the duck tire, we brought the model into Pepakura to get the basic shape for the duck head, wings, etc. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the right shape for the tire itself. We were happy to find Craig Russel’s online cone calculator, which helped us get the right dimensions for the tire itself. The tire was hand stitched over with a metallic spandex, which gave it a bit of a sheen.

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